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What Is Digital Signage?

We’ve all heard of digital signage, which is a digital installation that displays video or multimedia content for educational or promotional purposes, these days it’s all around us.

Thanks to digital signage, we’ve seen advertisements at bus stops, found gate information at airports, ordered food at fast food restaurants, purchased movie tickets, and gotten directions at museums.

There are numerous applications to support a wide range of businesses and audience requirements.


Here are some examples of the most common types of digital signage:

  • Public – information specific to a location (news, weather, traffic, etc.), maps, and navigation.
  • Corporate – information sharing, meeting room reservations, meeting coordination, and training
    Product/service portfolios, whiteboarding, and demonstrations are all used in sales.
  • Tourism – directions, points of interest, and city information
    Self-service checkout, an endless aisle, a product showcase, and a smart mirror
    Self-service restaurants, digital menu boards, and self-ordering kiosks
  • Marketing – promotions, atmosphere, and gamification
  • Museums – gallery, navigation, and digital tours
  • Education – classroom instruction, wayfinding, and library exhibits
  • Exhibits and tradeshows – interactive product/service catalogues, visitor registration, and networking

Our Digital Signage Solutions

We can provide you with a complete digital signage solution, including display supply, screen installation, custom digital signage software, content creation, and support.

But it’s the content creation where we really excel. If you don’t have good digital content on your digital signage, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Our designers will help you create the most engaging content to grab your customers’ attention. Whether static graphic design, animations, or video content, we’ve got you covered!